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Pavésgranit® laying


Preparation of the laying surface


On a solide base of « tout venant » spread a concrete slab having a thickness of 10/15 cm, which an electrowelded mesh has been inserted in.

Level the surface using a screed and slope down toward the rainwater drains (approx. gradient of 1%)

Laying of modules


Use a toothed trowel to spread mortar glue suitable for gluing granite modules on the concrete slab. If the base slab is irregular or not suitable for laying with mortar glue, the modules can be installed on a layer of duly levelled normal mortar having a thickness of 3 – 4 cm. Proceed with the laying of modules, which should be spaced 5 mm from one another so that all joints are of the same width.


Adjustment of the floor level


Before the glue used for laying hardens, adjust the floor level with a roller machine or by beating with a hammer of a wooden board.


Filling of joints


Once the modules have been laid and the level has been adjusted, fill the joints with liquid mortar made of one part fine sand and of one part concrete, spread on the floor so as to fill the joints completely. Remove the excess mortar from the surface of the floor with a rubber scraper, or a brush with rigid bristles.


Final floor clearing


After having removed the excess mortar, let stay for a few minutes and then proceed to final cleaning with a high pressure grazing jet of water, a sponge roller machine or a sponge rag.


Aspect of the finished floor

If the above procedures have been performed properly, the floor will be perfect and shiny. Should there be residues of concrete, they can be eliminated with a brush and cement detergents.

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